The National Law Institute (NLI), a leading provider of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in New York, is now offering Title Insurance Agent Prelicensing Education and Continuing Education (CE). NLI is owned and operated by Marc Israel, Esq., a real estate attorney turned title insurance executive who also heads his own title insurance company based in New York, MiT National Land Services.


In close coordination with the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS), NLI is applying its experience and expertise in providing top-quality CLE programs to title insurance CE and Prelicensing Education.


NLI was recently approved by DFS as an Approved Provider of both Title Insurance Prelicensing Education and CE. Mr. Israel, as an Instructor, and NLI’s Prelicensing Course were similarly approved.


NLI is excited to be able to answer the call for Title Prelicensing Education in New York in advance of the January 1, 2015 deadline for title agents to apply for their licenses, and is already looking ahead. Accordingly, NLI is gearing up, in partnership with the New York State Land Title Association, to provide extensive programming and other classes to meet the needs of the thousands of newly licensed Title Insurance Agents beginning in 2015.


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Dan Chen, Esq.

COO & Director of Education

National Law Institute